Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nakano Rice Vinegar

You probably heard that eating raw food is better than cooking them. Most importantly if the food is organic or grows in your own backyard. You know what it contains and what feed they have eaten. I do miss fresh raw fish with rice vinegar. My father used to make it when we were little. He can’t do it anymore because he is not that young anymore to catch his own fish. However, if ever I move close to the ocean, I can make it myself and I can get my Splash Tips (just like the image below) from and join their recipe club.


For those of you who love and enjoy their products, you can Save $1 on Nakano Rice Vinegar by following the link I provided. For those who have not signed up yet, this is your chance. Sign up and download your $1 coupon to try one of their products. Nakano Rice Vinegar is all natural, no sodium, no sugar, zero calories, no fat and gluten free for those who have allergies. I still remember when my parents made their own version of these vinegars. They add everything they like with the vinegar like; garlic, hot peppers, herbs and more. I can’t remember all of them anymore. They were very tasty as I remember it. Oh my, just thinking about it making my mouth water.

Have you ever tried dipping boiled crab meat in rice vinegar and fish sauce (patis)? It is very yummy in my opinion!

Quick Tips:
Splash on sliced, fresh tomatoes
Splash on green leafy salads
Mix with olive oil and splash over salad
Stir into coleslaw recipes
Toss into bean salads
Splash on hot vegetables
Splash on grilled, baked or roasted potatoes
Season chicken or beef stir-fries
Splash on white rice
Splash on pasta dishes
Splash on grilled or broiled seafood
Marinate beef/pork before cooking
Splash on grilled or barbecued chicken
Add a unique taste to sauces

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