Friday, August 21, 2009

The Best

The kids and I just finished our lunch. They had macaroni & cheese and I had steamed sweet potato tops along with fried sardines. I found some wild caught sardines in my local grocery store last week and I bought some and cook them today. I also had NAKANO Seasoned Rice Vinegar as a dip for my fried sardines. It reminds me of how the farmers eat under a shade tree in the middle of rice field in the olden days back home. I only seen it through pictures and TV shows and I wished I could have experience it. That reminds me that I still need to go to my newly found Asian store to buy dry fish, and then I can have rice vinegar with chilies or hot peppers as a dip. (Have you notice that the rice vinegar is not as acidic as the regular white vinegar around? It also smells like coconut vinegar just the way my parents use to make.)

NAKANO Seasoned Rice VInegar
And the best part about it is sipping some hot broth from the fish or pork soup with hot rice and local fruits for dessert with your bare hands in an open field. And now I call it picnic in the open field of grass or in the park. The feeling is not the same however, with the same concept, which is eating outside. My husband always makes fun of me when he sees me eating with my bare hands with one leg up on the chair. I noticed him with the leg up at one time and told me, “Now I know what you are talking about”. He was eating something he loves and he did not even notice the leg until I pointed it out to him. Have you tried it? And before I forget, please make sure you stop at the above link to get your $1 coupon and try this scrumptious dressing yourself.



Empty Streets said...

that looks delish heheh :) have a great week ahead :) xoxo

Nedekcir said...

Thanks metz.