Friday, August 28, 2009

Sausage Links

Kapampangan Sweet Longanisa Another thing I don't know how to make. I always wanted to make it at least the skinless ones but DH instructed me not to buy too much pork since they were forbidden in the bible. Anyway, I finally made it to my local (1/2 hour away) Asian market looking for dry fish, but no luck. They don't have much groceries but they cook a lot. I can buy a cook anything and bring it home, and save the house for However, I rather cook my own food, I never liked buying cook anything.

And since my ODS loves these Philippine style sausage I bought one pack. The owner of the store are from Batangas. We have some words that are the same, and they actually knew where I came from when I told them the name of the Island. Now, I don't feel strange with them. They know my dialect and they will never tell me that I am Bisaya.

Let's get back with the sausage, I simmered them first on a little amount of water, then when the water is gone, I added a few drops of olive oil to get it golden brown. I like it a little burnt too because they become crispy outside.


Cecile said...

wow, sarap naman ng sausage na ito, kakagutton, yum!

miss ko nga tong longganisa eh :-(

Nedekcir said...

:)) sige kain na.