Monday, October 20, 2008

Food I Miss

I think it would be to many to list all the food I miss from back home. I don't live in the city with a lot of Filipino. It's very hard to find tropical foods and vegetables from where I am, plus it's almost winter. Even if I wanted to plant some, I can't.

Anyone out there willing to send me some cans, dried, or anything you can offer? I'm willing to pay for it, definitely. Let me know.


My Bug Life said...

Living overseas and away from your "home" and missing food you love can be a drag...:) I know I missed local food back home when I was studying in Australia.

ROSILIE said...

hello.what are the foods u miss bah? here in gensan ksi a lot of dried mix fruit-like pineapple/papaya, dried mangoes, canned tuna but its so expensive to send and one problem pa is fedex dont accept food. pwede sa post office but it will take 3 weeks to 1 month.

Nedekcir said...

Dried and can and anything in a container I think are the best. But like you said some shipping company don't accept food.

Sana may makabasa na malapit sa akin, para mura lang lol. Mahal kc ng gas ngayon. I used to go to NJ every month. With the price of gas I stopped kc the food I buy, i have to spend the same amount on gas.

I miss Phil food every winter, kc I can't grow any vegetables.

Anyway, thanks for the offer. If I'm desperate enough I may take you up on your offer.