Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remedy for my Daughter This Season

My one and only daughter had the worst eczema breakout, out of my five children. The worst season here is winter, and because it’s cold and the air sometimes is very dry. She needs to put lotion on that I found at our local store at least twice a day to keep her at ease. My other children only use the same lotion after taking a bath. And with my daughter, I need to watch her carefully on what she eats. Too much of something can easily turn her bad itch to a worse one. It’s a good thing I like to browse online every day, because I found Mustela products which I think would help her better this winter.
I found Stelatopia Milky Bath Oil to use instead of a regular soap. This bath oil mildly cleanses the skin without drying. And the Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream instead of getting the over counters lotion I had been using. This cream reconstitutes, nurtures, and comforts her itchy skin, and best of all they contain mostly natural ingredients, which is good. The lotion I am using on her now contains about 50% additives. I think finding products with natural ingredients are a must. If you are a new parent and need a lot of question answered, click on Parent’s Corner. You will find tips & advice, answers to frequently asked questions, recommendations, product tips and testimonies of parents like us.


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