Saturday, October 18, 2008

There is Someone Out There for You

I was new in the computer world when I met my husband. Nothing to do at home, and tired from work, I log in, on my computer and checked my emails and messages. It was still early and I was not used on coming home early from work. Ninety-nine percent of the time I come home around eleven in the evening, take a shower and go straight to bed. Since I have some extra time to spear, I checked the locals from where I live, and see if I know anyone who is online. Sure enough, there's no one that I knew is online that day. I started to browse profile of people who are online that I don’t know. And one profile caught my eyes.

We have the same age, was born the same month and single. What do I have to loss; the worst that can happen is, to not answer my instant message. But again I was wrong; he answered and we exchanged messages from then on. Messages turned to phone calls, and we decided to finally meet at the local pub. Before I can see him, he saw me first and he even paid my entrance to get in. I asked the man at the door if he can tell me who paid, and pointed to the man wearing blue shirt at the bar. And the rest are history. We have five adorable children, who look just like us.

See, nothing is wrong to search for free, because the best things in this world are free. Try it out, signing up is also free.


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