Friday, October 10, 2008

A Meal

This what we had a few night ago. This is my DH plate, I took a picture before giving it to him. My oldest son was asked what was I doing and why. So, here it is; teriyaki pork chop, steamed broccoli with gravy, and mash potatoes with gravy.

I don't cook a lot of mash potatoes, usually only on holidays. I can make such a good mash potatoes with small quantity. But during holidays, I always messed it up. I was always short of something and they don't come out right. Why is it easy to make when there is no pressure. I can never get it right when DH family are here. I feel like I'm bound to messed up. argh!

Anyway, enjoy the picture.


clair said...

That mashed potato and broccoli look really great. It's making my mouth water - seriously :)

Ken said...

For, it's the pork chop that makes my mouth water.

Nedekcir said...

Thanks Clair and Ken for stopping by and leaving me few words. Have a good one.

Ken said...

Basta Pinoy, pork chop!

There's a Vietnamese restaurant near my house here in Chicago. Everytime I go there, I look at the order of other people in the different tables. 'Yung nag-order ng pork chop plate ... usually Pinoy. Including me.