Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gourd (Upo, Calabash Long)

This one is the oldest and I'm saving it for my spring seeds. Hoping it to matured before the first frost.

This is the one I picked to cook. See the next picture to see how long it is. Mind you this is supposed to be mini. Not like what I had in 2006 which was 2 feet long. See the picture here.

I finally picked one of my gourd a few days ago. I used to have one, I was saving it for my seeds next spring. But one sprout and grown so fast (the picture below).

Here is my ginisang upo sa kamatis (sauteed gourd in tomatoes). I need to learn how to can this. Maybe it's the same way with tomatoes...hmm I need to google it.


My Bug Life said...

The gourd tastes sweet or bitter? Over here, we eat alot of bitter gourds..stir fried or in soups..good for detox.

Nedekcir said...

In my opinion they don't taste anything, but they are very watery. If you are cooking any, do not add water unless it's soup. The closes I can describe in taste, it is in the same blend as cucumber. I'm not very good in explaining how it taste. Sorry.