Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DH Experiment

I went grocery shopping last Friday to have my whole weekend spent with the family. I also picked my oldest son from school to come along with me. I needed to stop in a multiple store to get what we need for the whole week. While checking out at the last stop he called me. I asked my son to answer it because I was busy bagging the groceries. I like to bag my own grocery; I don't like it when they put my bananas at the bottom of the bag.

Anyway, he told my son nothing. We were almost done with the groceries he called again asking if we have any open brown sugar, I came to a conclusion that he is making chocolate chips cookies because, I still have some chocolate chips left from the brownies I made not too long ago. Most of them can live on cakes and other desserts if given a chance. My son and I were almost home and my phone rang again. I know it was him again because I set a special ring for the people I know. Right away I answered, "don't worry we are almost home", he wanted to know where was the vanilla. You can probably see my face looking like a tarts (Don't get me wrong I love tart desserts.)

When we got inside, he was still mixing the cookie batter. It looks funny when I glance at it, but I didn't say anything. He asked me to taste it and it tasted alright. When he baked his first batch, I noticed the difference. It was flat and very buttery. I asked him what he did different and told me he added extra eggs and mixed that egg with the hot butter. He cooked the eggs first before mixing (that's why the cookies are flat). He actually didn't know that the eggs got cooked in hot butter. I reminded him the last time we made pudding, that the eggs can be easily cook when added on anything hot. He told me that he will not make cookies anymore if I'm not home. And asked me if David's Cookies carries cookies, we can buy it from him instead and save time.


Lola said...

Oh my! He cooked the eggs in butter before adding them? I'm surprised they looked fairly good. How did they taste?

Nedekcir said...

Very buttery chocolate chips cookies...flat.