Thursday, March 19, 2009

Homemade Brownies

A friend of ours called over the weekend (Saturday) inviting us to come to their house for dinner for Sunday. I thought I would bake a brownie to bring over. Sunday came and DH confirmed that we are coming however, he canceled and told DH that he was not feeling well. This is the second time he did this. He invited us over and cancel the next day. I think he made plans without asking his wife first, then when he tells his wife and this is the outcome.

They are a very nice couple with 2 daughters. We are in the same boat about the government and stuff. I wish next time he actually ask his wife before planning anything. I am the same way if my husband comes and tell me about a plan. He basically telling me, not making the plan with me makes me irritated.

This brownies did not go to waste. DH and most of our DC loves sweets. However, I can't post the recipe as of yet. I want it to be perfect before doing so. Did I mention home made? Yup, and all natural ingredients too.

Enjoy the pictures for now.

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