Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Started A Business

My husband started his business because he was not sure if his previous employer will call him back to work. Up until now he still did not receive a phone from him, yet. He still needs some equipment to do other things for his business. He has a small size truck and wanted to buy a chevy silverado 3500HD to have a better load and hauling capability. It would be at the high end but the result for his business will be great.

It would be a great help for us to save the family money in fuel if we can all fit in a honda accord or
perhaps. However, being a family of seven there is no way that we can. And don't get me started with honda s2000, this is just for a single person and no plan on having children in my opinion. I use to have a little car when I was single and those days were long gone. I will drive a small car when all of my children move out of our house, hopefully not very soon.


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Nedekcir said...

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