Thursday, March 19, 2009

One of the Best Purchase we Made

When we bought our house, we update some of our kitchen wares. We read how important it is to our health to use certain cooking wares. So, we purchase a set of stainless still pot and pans with copper bottoms (that was another best purchase we made). Furthermore, we don't want them rubbing each other and we decided they needed to be hung. We looked at so many stores looking for different sizes, shapes and colors hanging enclume pot racks. I mention before that we are trying (notice the "trying" there) to make our kitchen color coordinate and we settled with black.
Our hanging enclume pot rack is almost the same as the image above. Ours had the copper shelving and chains. Every relative that visit us love it and wishes they can put one like it in their kitchen. Mind you our kitchen is very small and we found the perfect spot for it. I only wish I can have a bigger kitchen to fit the enclume potracks and enclume Gourmet island. Calling Mr. Nedekcir attention to this, I know we already had planned to make it bigger. However, if someone wants to give my kitchen a makeover, you are very welcome to do so.

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redkathy said...

I have one of these, but in the wall mount variety. You are right, it was a great purchase for me as well.