Friday, March 13, 2009

Amazing Dolphins Behavior

Have you seen it yet? I have not seen it yet in person, and the last time I was at Sea World was during my single days. I went to visit my sister in California whom I have not seen in seven years prior to that visit. And since she lives only 45 minutes away, I asked her if we can go to Sea World in San Diego. It was very crowded because I went there during summer vacation. We can't get into anything because of the long lines. However, we actually managed to see Shamu's performance and I have a picture to prove it. We only stayed for the whole day and did not see most of the attractions.

One of the attractions that we missed was the Dolphin Show. I wonder if the Dolphins already blowing bubbles those days. I'm sure that my children will enjoy watching Dolphin Bubbles made. It seems that they can entertain themselves playing with these bubble rings. It also makes me think what they are probably trying to tell us something. But then again, that is only my opinion. This is another vacation spot to add to my vacation list for the whole family when we have enough leisure money. To see more video of this extraordinary behavior please visit


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