Monday, March 23, 2009

Maybe Later

Have I mention that my husband bought a sink from a restaurant when we bought our house. He was going to replace the old one sink we had at the downstairs bathroom. It was cheap stainless steel restaurant equipment. We both like restaurant supplies to use in our home. We are weird like that, what can I tell you. I was actually looking for manual kitchen wares yesterday and they are hard to find these days. I can't really buy new professional cookwares but I will settle for use ones that are affordable.

Since I love to cook and had worked for a restaurant before, my husband keeps bugging me about opening a franchise fast food restaurant. The only thing I don't have is the money to pay the franchisee plus, I teach my kids at home. I don't have time to spare and watch employee all day. I think they provide restaurant supply and foodservice supplies as well. Maybe when my children are grown and can do classes by themselves, then I can do it. What scares me the most is our economy. I can easily get a loan because I am a woman and immigrant (I am a citizen don't worry), that is a big plus there. What happens if our economy crash and the bank wants their money? I don't want that to happen.


Karen said...

Did you install the restaurant sink? I would love to see a picture.

Nedekcir said...

No Karen, it is still in DH to do list. We don't have a sink in the downstairs bathroom since we moved in this house.