Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One of These Days

We have one winery very close to our house and I always jokes around with my husband that we should go there sometimes without the children and do a wine tasting. They offer are a few days a week for free, and something to do just the two of us. First his was brought up against drinking, second he would tell me that he doesn't want to drink a rotten fruit juice and basically come down to "NO".

So, I am thinking that since he does not want to go, maybe I can invite a few friends to go with me on my birthday and go there. I don't know anything about wine however; I would like to learn about Wine Pairing and such. You can see a few home made recipes here in my blog with wine ingredient. Furthermore, I am willing to learn more about using wine for cooking. I am always in awe seeing these professional chefs using wines on their food. Moreover, forget about asking me to order wine with food, you might loss your appetite...lol. Thank goodness for SuppleWine.com, they tell you which wine goes with what food.

I always hear this wines that cost millions and makes me ponder the Wine Grades for this kind. Some of them are older than I am. I would like to hear the Wine Reviews about them and see the difference between the one that cost millions and the ones that is reasonably price and the general public can afford. I am not a wine person and could probably not taste the difference between them. How about you?

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