Friday, April 17, 2009

Clay Pots for Cooking

I still remembering growing up using clay pots for cooking. Then came the aluminum pots and my family had one clay pot left. Now I know how horrible those aluminum pots. My grandmother from my father side and my grandfather from my mother side has Alzheimer. My parents are both old now and not showing any yet. I'm hoping they don't get it bad.

This is a roaster from here

As for me, I have a chance of getting it too. I think I used those pots since I was 6 years old until I moved out (in the late teens).

Anyway, I wanted some of these clay pots again. The below image was how we cook when I was little. Then eventually we upgrade to charcoal. However our clay pots has lids on them. We don't cook in the open fire with no lids. The ashes can go straight in the food without it.

Image from Internet

I want some of these too. I read a study that cooking with clay pots are good for our health. I like the clay baking dish too, maybe I can find one that is big enough to cook roast turkey with.


MAC said...

I have 2 glazed clay pots that were given to me as a gift but I've been afraid to use them. Do you think they are safe for baking with the glaze?

Nedekcir said...

Thanks for commenting Martha, from what I understand glaze is ok outside of the pot or pan not inside. And do not use any dish soap when cleaning them. Wash in plain water and soak in water before using.

MommaWannabe said...

I have never seen a clay baking pot ;) This looks really nice...I am also a fan of clay pots. When I saw these in Europe I bought them immediately...little did I know we were moving back to Asia. If I knew I would have waited coz it way cheaper there;)

o.t. Your comment about translating tagalog to english is funny. I also have that you know - our language is very difficult sometimes. Sometimes I don't know in which language is it easier to think at english, dutch or tagalog ;)

Nedekcir said...

I'm glad I'm not the only Sometimes I have a list (words to translate) to ask back home when I call.