Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Sunglasses

Whenever we (children and I) go somewhere my kids seem to end up playing with my sunglasses. Furthermore, when I put my bag next to them by mistake or simply not thinking or inside the shopping cart with them, they always end up with it. They love to dig into my bag and see everything I have in there. Anyway, my pair had it after a few months. Sometimes they step on it and the lens comes out. You think?,,,lol I really need a new pair.

I am not getting younger, and I need to take of my eyesight. I can’t drive outside without sunglasses, because I am having hard time with the brightness. I don’t have to worry when it’s cloudy out. However, I hate cloudy day. I found a nice pair of Lucky-Brand online at Zappos. It is a 100% UVA/UVB protection, and it includes a protective case. You will not believe how much scratches my old pair has just by not having a case for it.

They also offer Lucky Brand items such as men’s and women’s clothing, women’s hand bags, jewelries and accessories. I have an eye on a few tops styles in their collection, come see what I am talking about.

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