Friday, April 24, 2009

Wood Burning Stoves

This is how we used to cook way back when I was little. With a homemade wood burning stove. Actually ours is made out of cement with metal bars. And use wood for cooking. My father used wood for cooking until today and he swears cooking in an open fire makes the food taste better. I believe him because one of our friend here uses wood stove to cook and he can also tell the difference.
From Flicker
He is actually having dilemma on what to use in warmer months. They also use the wood stove to warm up the house during winter months. I guess they have to cook outside in the Image below is the newer version of what they have. I would like one just like this one. We use to have wood burning stove for heat but DH gave it away because we have to buy woods to heat up the basement. We bought a propane stove to replace it. We are both saying "why did we gave it away again?" We were not thinking back then. And this image below is very expensive, I like it because I can still bake using woods. However, I can't use this in the summer. Our house will be so hot if I do.

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Maybe our friend can buy one of this little thing to use outside in the summer. This is very nice looking single stove. I'm not really sure how much it cost, I can't see the prices on the site where I got the image from. They also have one with double stove top. Nifty little thing.
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