Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Preserving Eggs

I've done salted eggs while I was in high school. We used chicken eggs and the batch we boiled I think 2 were cracked. Now I read that duck eggs are the best to use because the shell is harder to break.

I also read that somewhere in the Philippines they use clay to wrap the salt and raw eggs. Keep it indoor for about 15 days then wash, cook and should last about 40 days. That is a very short time when trying to put away food for a year use. Maybe it will last longer inside the fridge. But if I don't have an electric it can't be done.

Maybe I can try doing pickled eggs instead. I haven't try them and I don't even know how they taste. However, if they need to sit in the fridge to become pickle that will not do either if there is no electricity. Is there any other way to preserve eggs? How about the quail eggs I find in Asian store, anyone know any other ways to process/preserve eggs?

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