Friday, June 26, 2009

Asian Market Groceries

In My KitchenHere goes some bad food for my health. I'm sorry but I grew up eating this kind of food (I know not a excuse) and I can't live without it once in the blue moon. I spent about $55.00 for all of these and other three items that can't be seen here because my kids ate it already. In the picture is my favorite coconut milk brand, can jackfruit (the only thing I can buy here), DH favorite fruit salad mix-coconut gel and palm nuts, banana ketchup (please don't ask me the ingredients on those because I rather not read it), eggroll wrappers, rice noodles, canton noodles, and mung beans.

I think the only thing good in this bunch are the mung beans however, it did not say organic on the bag. I should try growing one seed and see if they grow. If it does it means they did not radiated it.

I'll be cooking pork eggroll (shanghai), canton noodles, pork kabobs, beef broccoli, potato salad, fried rice and of course chocolate cake for my youngest son 3rd birthday party on Sunday. I will also serve vegetables platterwith dip and fruit platter. Hopefully I can take a few pictures of the food before they get eaten.


magnolianfp said...


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vhingF said...

huh! mag mix-mix (halo-halo) ka pala meron nata eh...

dami d2 nyan parang pinas na d2 dami tindahan .uraro na lng ang di ko nkikita

Nedekcir said...

Yung nga lang ang layo ng pinag-bilhan ko nito. Mga 45 minutes ang layo, one way lang yun.

Tahnks for stopping by, Vhing.