Thursday, May 14, 2009

Awareness Training

When I was still working in a financial institution I have my eyes open for IT positions. I rather sit in the room full of computers rather than a room full of people. However, being new to the company, I never land the job and not to mention lacking the experience. I wish I have known about EC-Council before, I could have taken classes online for free. My company reimburses anyone who takes classes related to our job as long as we pass the course. However, it was hard to find classes online when I worked there. I could have an advantage over my competitions with IT Security even though I did not have the seniority.

I suggest whenever your company offers any type of classes or seminars you should always volunteer to attend. In the long run, it would help you because they add qualifications to any jobs you wanted to do. I have attended a few about customer service when I was still working. All you have to do is show up and get the certification and show it to your supervisor. When I went to these classes, I got the day's pay just like doing the day's work and reimbursement for fuel, food and lodging.

Ok, can someone tell me what other grammatical errors I have in this post. I'm running out of spell checkers, grammar checkers and other checkers they are talking about and by the way Julie of IZEA, MS Word does not check grammars. Yes the featured is there and yes I have it. You can removed Word from the choices you put in your emails.


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