Monday, May 25, 2009

New Phatband Internet @ Charter


Have you heard about charter high-speed internet? It’s now currently available to the residents of St. Louis area. Please visit Ultra60 Information Page to learn more. You can experience a totally new way to watch HD movies, instantly download speeds up to 60Mbps, ultra gaming with no more annoying lag time believe me, lags makes my boys cries over games. Furthermore, it has the fastest response to new virus threats and virus detection. If you live in the boonies you will understand my prostration with slow dial up. Sometimes you don’t have any choice but take what you can get just to have the internet.

However, with Charter’s Phatband it takes broadband to the next level. Don’t despair if they are not available in your area, they will soon rolled out to other areas this year. You will finally enjoy multi-tasking online like gaming, watching movies, telecommuting with big files and much more. I am an internet person and I don’t know what I will do without it. You can take away my TV and my cell phone but please don’t take away my internet. Please subscribe to Charter Feed at Charter’s Twitter Feed to get the latest updates, and find out if Ultra60 is already available in your area.


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