Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday Party for DD

My DD N turned 6 on Wednesday and we are having a bowling party for her in our local bowling alley. I don't really know how it's going to turn out because they are too little to throw such heavy ball to knock down pins. The whole thing is only for 2 hours and there are about 33 people coming both kids and adult.

This is only part of her cake. I took the picture after we got home. My FIL has my memory card, he wanted to make a CD from all the pictures.

I wish we could have it done in our house but our house is not that big. And if it rains everyone needs to come inside and cramp in our tiny living room, dining and kitchen area. i like to do it in our house because I serve them more food than the bowling alley. We are not allowed to bring any food except for the cake. They are only allowed to have 1 slice of pizza or hotdog and a cup of soda. At my house I can have a buffet of different dishes. We have a swimming pool outside for the kids but I think its still too cold to play at. Plus we don't have a deck for people to hang, we only have the grass and going in and out of the house is next to impossible.

Anyway, I will add the picture of the birthday cake later. I still need to pick it up and and take a picture of it. Have a restful Mother's Day to all mothers and enjoy your weekend.

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God's Rock Angel said...

That is one colourful cake. It was my birthday about two weeks ago and i had a cake that was made of banana muffin mix so it was like one giant muffin!