Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DD Birthday Cake

I think my FIL came up today just to give me my camera memory card back. They both look very tired today, I would guess being retired they should have so much time to rest. But in their case, more time to visit everyone they know. My MIL in the ohter hand is a night owl. I will not be surprise if she is tired because she is always awake all night and she goes to sleep during the day. SO, if she comes in looking very tired it means that she did not take a nap yet from the night before.

Anyway, as I promise here is DD birthday cake. We took 1/3 of it home because most of the parents don't want to touch it. I don't blame them, if they are like me health conscious I will not eat it either. A very simple birthday cake. Have some before clicking away, there are plenty to go around.

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