Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seafood Tamarind Soup (Seafood Sinigang)

I caught DS stomach virus and I was sick Friday night and all through Sunday. Somehow I had a cravings for sinigang. I cook seafood in tamarind soup mix with shrimp and tilapia. And some frozen long beans (sitaw) and sweet potato tops (talbos ng camote), from my frozen vegetables from my last harvest. And since I was out grocery shopping Sunday (spreading out the, I also put some romain lettuce in. After 24 hours of not having anything in my stomach this was the right thing to eat. Sour taste in my tasteless mouth was scrumptious.

Here is the picture of what I made. Never mind the broken piece of fish fillet, it did not survive the cooking process (stirring process is more like it).

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