Monday, May 18, 2009

Cocoa Tree

This is one of the cocoa trees from my parents property back home. DH wanted to grow one inside our house. I'm not sure if it will fit. We probably have to keep cutting the new growth to make it fit however, will it fruit? This is organic and nothing had done to make it grow shorter. We don't even know where to get the seed to grow (He wanted to make our own chocolate.)

You can also see sugar cane and papaya tree in the picture if you know what they look like.


Russell said...

That is so cute. My granddaughter wants to grow an orange tree in the house. Oh and I can see the sugar cane.
Have Fun.

Naoko said...

Wow I wish we could grow that here where I live. The houses here are just to close with no yard space. Great photo too..

Femikey said...

blog walking here hav a great day visit me back!

Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

Hi N

We have these I think in one of our farms...I'll check if they have fruits when I visit PH -mdo u want me to send you some seeds?

Nedekcir said...

Thanks for all the comments. PJ thanks, but I think customs will not let you send those out. I can also ask my cousin to sneak some into his luggage. Thanks for the offer, I'll keep that in mind.